Sugarland City - Mind Blowing Real Estate Project

Be a part of this Ionic Investment  - Sugarland Luxury City Lekki, Lagos

This is a Mind-blowing project on 23 Hectares in a strategic location. It's a great corner piece at Lekki-Lagos, the Heart of the Emerging Mega City of Lagos –The Economic Nerve Center of Nigeria & the Hub of Business in Africa.

The Partners of Sugarland Luxury City being experienced developers and city planners haven designed major landmark architecture across the city of Lagos. Their sole aim is to now design and deliver a World-class shopping mall, five-star Hotel of 250 kit-rooms (Marriot standard) with an ultramodern entertainment gallery - Ice rink, World pyramid etc. It will also include a World-class 50,000 square meters lettable office complex – powered by artificial intelligence technology, High Quality, Modern Residential Smart Homes all with Centralized Facilities. There will also be a British-American International School and a well Equipped Hospital.


The site has been massively Sand filled, the grounds Prepared, including Fencing of the entire Land Size of the City, ready for Development. All the Infrastructures has been completed–Layouts, Roads, Underground Surface Drainage,  Electricity, Water Supply Systems, and Sewage Systems. Government Approval Permits with all Civil & Logistics Expenses Paid.


Project Plan

The project is divided into:

  • PHASE 1 – RESIDENTIAL ZONE. This phase is the focal point of this proposal

Phase 1: Residential Zone (the focal phase) – Phase one Involves the construction and development of 450 units of solar-powered smart-homes: ranging from Luxury apartments, Terraces, Semi-detached and fully detached houses on 12 Hectares with modern features. Phase 1 is projected to cost (USD) $58,461,370

Phase 2:  Business District Zone (BDZ) - the later phase – The plan is to develop Phase 2-the BDZ at a later stage. This stage will comprise the development and construction of a world-Class Shopping mall, Entertainment Gallery, Five-star Hotel and Office complex on a separate additional 5 hectares of land, projected to Cost (USD) $72,000,000.

1.    World Class 5-Star Mega Mall & Gallery

2.   5-Star Hotel with a World Class Office Plaza.

3.   Very High Quality, Modern Residential Smart Homes with Centralized Facilities.

4.    An International Private School

5.   A Modern, well equipped Hospital

Proposed Facilities –

The Partners have already secured deals with leaders in Facility development to design and deliver a host of World’s best facilities for the City via digital and technology medium namely;

  • Resort & Park – A series of neighborhood parks and safe children's play area will exist on the development.
  • Olympic size Swimming Pool
  • Squash, Tennis courts & Modern fitness club
  • Sustainable Eco-Friendly Environment - Sugarland City complies with rigorous Environmental Impact Assessment programme to date.
  • Sugarland luxury city is Unobtrusive and well secured – Blanket CCTV Camera Coverage
  • Permanent Security Wardens on patrol using various modern modes of transportation: Cars, Motorbikes, Golf carts and on-foot.
  • A World-class International Hospital
  • A British-American International School

Details of the Project are provided below and here is a quick projection on returns expected

So far the developers have invested, Thirty Million Dollars ($30Million) of their own Private Funds to put in place infrastructure of Layout Roads, Underground Surface Drainage,  Electricity, Water Supply Systems, and Sewage Systems and Government Approval Permits.

Project Milestone:

  • Title – The Partners successfully secured good title for the land, (Governor's Consent on a Global C of O) so that subscribers are assured on their acquired Property.
  • Paving – Up-to-date, pre-cast concrete paving stones have been laid on the main boulevard, stretching over 500 meters in length, whilst the unpaved section of the highway are laid with stone-base to provide access for heavy-duty vehicular movements, ready for construction to commence.
  • Roads Design - The road design and construction is of best Practice. However, to achieve its impressive scale and visual impact - the highest level of precision is required, particularly in the setting-out by the surveyors and more especially the laying of kerb stones. Construction begins with the substructure of the roads, comprising sharp sand built up in layers, watered and compacted to achieve a solid foundation.
  • Street Light – A leader in Power generation and infrastructure firm has successfully delivered the installation of best-in-class City lighting system that will power the boulevard and sub-section of the district
  • Water Carriage, Drainage and Sewage system are at deliverable stage
  • Regular Potable Water Supply – The Partners are in collaboration with a Professional water engineering Company to provide a veritable assurance efficient supply of potable water reticulation to the highest possible hygienic standard.
  • Captive Energy Programme – Uninterrupted Power supply through a captive energy program as Individual Electricity generators will not be allowed on the development. Our management Company has developed a strategic partnership with a leader in the power generation sector, to deliver constant and reliable electricity, using environmentally friendly feedstock and renewable energy.
  • Digital City – The development offers the best of a digital city. We have established strong partnership with a major Telecom company and an International data carrier to provide both backbone telecom infrastructure and last mile services.

Cost Projection

The total Project construction cost is estimated at about $130 million (USD) for phase I and phase II.


Phase 1: 

Phase 2: $71.5Million
The Total Costs of Construction $130Million
Project Revenue in Excess  $165Million



Residential Smart Homes

They intend to do things in Phases starting with the 450 Units of the Residential Smart Homes, which is estimated to cost about Fifty-Eight Million, Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($58.5Million) and a Profit of about Sixteen Million dollars ($16Million).

Opportunity to Invest

This is an Opportunity to invest in this project as we invite capable Financial Investors to come on Board with us in this eagerly awaited Project.

If you are interested and have the capacity, contact us through these channels